Whitton’s 10-track LP has been announced to be released on September 24th (this month, people!). If you have ever heard Whitton, you know that you almost feel as if you have gone back in time a couple decades. This is something rarely seen in the music industry these days; tell me when the last “speakeasy” song was produced!
Whitton is self-releasing her upcoming album release, Rare Bird. Lucky for us, we got the chance to speak with Whitton, and even got a couple of autographed albums from her! Quite the nice person to speak to. The even better news is that since we got our hands on her unreleased album, that means you guys get a sneak peak of her album that has never been heard before.
Whitton has a single released on YouTube, “Turn Off the Light”- the setting of the video is just as it sounds, pretty cool! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efa2Vtox40M a link to her single that has been released. Talent, charm and good looks- Whitton most definitely has all three of these covered without-a-doubt. So here it is- Whitton’s unreleased Rare Bird here on indiebandhouse.com. It’s quite difficult to self-release an album so make sure to purchase the album if you like it on the 24th!