Thursday, January 27, 2011

While in the Studio Clouds... =)

Hey guys!
Just a few fun moments while in Ben Burget's studio. Producer, Ian Coyne, Mr. Burget and I spent an evening recording lushes orchestral strings on my tune, "Better Days" with the ever so talented violinist, Emily Moore. Also, Mr. Burget on soprano saxophone!

 Check out a clip of her layering parts...

Can't wait to share my album with you all!!! Ian and I have worked soooooo hard on writing and producing great tunes for your ears! Stay tuned!

~ W

Monday, January 17, 2011

Interview w/ John Carrillo for the "OC Music Scene"


photo by Natalie Gamble
OCMS: Your new album is scheduled to be released in the spring. What's the status?
W: Early spring, still working on production, then mixing.
OCMS: Are you happy with how the arrangements are working out?
W: excited! I've been working on this album for one year and half.
OCMS: I heard you spent some time doing shows on a cruise ship. How was that experience?
W: I didn't end up going...I wrote a song for a feature film so I decided to stay. I couldn't leave when things are hoppin'.
OCMS: Yes, the Aidan Quinn movie, "The 5th Quarter". How did you get involved with that?
W: I was working with this manager Danny Sembello at the time and the director asked for a song...So... my producer Ian Coyne and I wrote "Apple Tree" for a certain part in the movie.
OCMS: If you had only five albums to listed to on a desert island, what would they be?
W: Hmmm... depends.. would I have a guitar with me? if so... I'd like to play to myself mostly. The waves and the clouds could be my band. Hmmm... second...I'd love to remember the sweet words and voice of Shane Gooding...third would be my touring buddy Izzy Cox...fourth- Elizabeth Fraser and Jeff Buckley...fifth- The Fence Jumpin' Leaf Kickers.
OCMS: How did you like acting in the video for your song, "Turn Off the Light"? It has a very distinct 1940's visual style. Were you inspired by any particular actress of that era?
W: Nope... although after the fact I've been compared to a few... like Betty Davis, Marlene Dietrich. My music has a flair of 40's... the song is about a couple being together, married for some time...this couple's love has lost it's spice, so she imagine's the beginning... when things were new...back in the 30's that's when the depression hit...a lot of women felt like that.
OCMS: Some of them probably feel that way now.
W: Suppressed. Absolutely. Some things are better in the dark...time speeds by that way...
Whitton's new song, "Apple Tree" will be featured in the new film, "The Fifth Quarter" starring Aidan Quinn and Annie McDowell. The film will be released in the spring of 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Checkin' in... Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I've blogged. The holidays have come and gone, so I'm consumed in the studio until my album is finished. I'm shooting for a early March release! Let's cross our fingers. I'm so excited!! Below are a couple pictures of my studio life, fun with friends and networking outings. Happy New Year!

A night at the "Echo" in Silverlake while watching my bass player's other band, Marcus Very Ordinary! My bassist, Jon LaTona, my horn player, Ben Burget, my producer Ian Coyne and his lovely lady friend, Luz Abril! Good times!

HunnyPot with writers Peter Fox (Rachael Yamagata) and Joe Solo (Macy Gray).

In Peter Malick's studio writin' my next tune, "Nothin' Left to Lose" with Peter Malick (Norah Jones), Ian Coyne and I. 

BBQing with members of my band, Angela Michael and Jon LaTona. 

Singin' by the piano for the holidays with my sweet sister, Stacey!

In Ian Coyne's studio recording Ben Burget on trumpet on my song, "B Sting". Wait 'til you hear it!!

"Cirque Berzerk" outing with good friends, Catrina Carson and Chris Hall (owners of Black Heart Graphics)

BRADY SPINDAL!! One of LA's Cirque Berzerk's finest characters! If you haven't seen their show, I highly recommend it! Check it out, they're only at the Nokia for the month of January!

I'll letcha know when my next show is. Can't wait to see you all again!