Wednesday, June 30, 2010

July News... So far!

Yell..O! Hope everyone is gearin' up for a fabulous 4th of July! I voted to play Monopoly... alas, I find myself at a table with empty chairs. I guess this means get a life, join the party or be alone, eating dried mangos and daydreaming about how nice it'd be to own Boardwalk and Park Place in real life. Well... whatever you guys decide to do this red, white and blue holiday, be safe and smart. Drinking and driving are for lameos, losers and boozers.

So... July news... hmmm. Nothing too too exciting as of this second, but in a few weeks you're gonna witness something pretty freakin' awesome that's stashed away in my back pocket. No way can I spill all the beans just yet, but I'll give you a few tasters... My NEW live performances and music video,"Turn Off the Light" will be released. I'm relaunching my entire web site with new photos and upcoming show dates. I'm cookin' up some fun merchandise ideas, watch out! Will be available at my live concerts. Oh, and I've been finger pickin' away on my new Martin! Soundin' real fine ladies and gentlemen. That's all I can reveal from the Whitton curtain for the time being... I know, I know... Got you all riled up. You're just gonna have to wait.

Here's a snap shot of a couple of talented folks while jamming in the studio: Peter Fox, Jon LaTona, Darius Minaee and singer, Emily Jane. Photo taken by Ian Coyne.

More to come. Have a blast this weekend ya'll!

~ Whitton

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Turn Off the Light" - Photos!

Here's a sneak peek of the stills from my new music video "Turn Off The Light".

Actor Evan Dumouchel played my drunk, low beat husband whom turned into a suave, charming catch by the end of the night. Photography by my director, Michael Whitton.

The OneString King, a good friend of mine, let us shoot at his house in Long Beach, CA. One of the best experiences I've ever had.

I wouldn't have gotten to do this without my fantastic Producer - Kellie Maltagliati! Endless hugs and thanks Kellie!

I want to do it all over again!

Myra Penate (amazing makeup artist) and Natalie Gamble (exceptional photographer) are watching quietly during each take. Photo right is Julie Hinton (beautiful singer & pianist) who performed on the whirly during outside porch takes.

Todd McCool on the guitar!

Director of Photography - Robert Baliszewski and lighting assistant - Pat O'Malley. Also, to the right are my band mates: Jon Latona (bass) and Shaunte Palmer (trombone), but this night I had him play drums. =) Nice one Shaunte!

It was indeed a fabulous night! Except... the only thing I'd do different is make sure my hair doesn't go flat by 4am. I needed the extra extra extra hold! Damn ocean air. Stay tuned!

~ Whitton

Ps... Don't want to forget one of the most important talents in this process, my production designer, Shalome Pilon! She rocked it out like no one's business! And a special thanks to everyone who contributed costumes, props and time! You're the best! Amazing crew all in all. Thank you everyone... I really look forward to working together again!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Video/Photo Process

Hey ya'll! I'm now recovering from major sleep deficiency this past weekend. But all worth it because of such an AMAZING video/photo shoot and an incredible crew involved! We filmed a music video of my song, "Turn Off the Light". Truly, just a pleasure and privilege! I'm soooooo blessed and thrilled with the results. Thank you to everyone involved! Especially the OneString King, my band, video crew, photo crew, Michael Whitton, Robert Baliszewski and producer - Kellie Maltagliati! Without you, this couldn't have happened. Stay tuned, more to come...
Wait until you all see the magic!!
~ W

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun News in June

Hello everyone! Hope ya'll enjoyed your Memorial Weekend. I sure did! Just getting back from the "Lightning in A Bottle" Festival in Oak Canyon! Lots of funky fashion, stunning beauty and lovely company. =) I'm definitely submitting to perform next year.

Now for little bit of news...

My song, "I Fell In Love" is featured on Sonic Eclectic Radio!

Also, my new EP release is featured on Radio Crystal Blue Novus Ordo's podcast on 5/30 and will be distributed the day after. This edition will be rebroadcast once on this Live365 station on Saturday 6/5 10pm ET

Last but not least, I recently got my finished mix of "Turn Off the Light" by Michael James from IndieProMix! So impressed and extremely fortunate! If you're a musician and need a perfect mix, I HIGHLY recommend.

More to come! ~ W