Monday, December 16, 2013

Xmas Single!

If you haven't seen or heard my #Christmas Single, here's a little #Holiday cheer from my siblings Stacey, Jonny, David, myself, Ben Burget and fellow musicians: Cooper Appelt, Adam Alesi, Matt Hornbeck and #SeanJones!! And don't forget to order your own personalized Whitton Card Deck!

Available at:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Whitton Updates!

Happy Fall Everyone! Halloween is in the air! Have you decided who you're going to dress up as? If your need some help making up your mind, my sister and I made a handful of character makeup/wig tutorials on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. You'll also get to hear my music playing in the background! Check them out below!

I hope to see you again very soon! If you'd like daily updates, please be my friend on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM! I hope you have a wonderful Halloween! =)

~ Whitton

LIVE performance on "Good Morning San Diego" KUSI

Halloween Characters Tutorials Video

"Marilyn Monroefeaturing my Christmas Single, "It's Christmas Time(original music video) 

"Katy Perry" featuring my track "I FELL IN LOVE(original music video)

"Peg Bundy" featuring my track "Til the End"

Poison Ivyfeaturing my track "Shy"

"Jessica Rabbitfeaturing my track "B Sting

LIVE @ San Diego IndieFest   


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Frauds and Swindlers" in San Diego!!!

My brother’s new 1890’s Mixology Bar, “Frauds and Swindlers" is off the hook!!! I love this place! If you live or are visiting #SanDiego this is a MUST go spot! All the cocktails are made from scratch with fresh fruits, veggies and herbs! I’ve been fortunate to get to hand make all the sun dried fruit leather garnishes! Yum sooo good. #FraudsandSwindlers , #Gaslamp 
Also we have the WHITTON LEATHER SHOTS @ “ Frauds and Swindlers ” I created these raw fruit leather (roll ups) for all the cocktails and my brother Jonny and I came up with this fun combo. You take the shot, then eat the raw fruit leather, which is used as a chaser! The taste is so bold and fruity (or veggie, depending on the combo choice). You’d be surprised how good it is! You have to come down and try them!!
820 5th Ave
(between E St & F St) 
San Diego, CA 92101

Sunday, September 8, 2013

When I'm not making music...

Gotzzz meeee a good lookin’ garden. Feeling blessed in Los Angeles.
My pumpkin didn’t survive this devilish sun…  Poor little babies didn’t get to be in my pies this year…

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My Song "Monster" featured in horror film "Among Friends"

My song, #Monster is featured in horror film #AmongFriendsMovie. It's NOW on DVD, Video On Demand & Streaming in the US (Lions Gate) & Canada (Anchor Bay)! Also, my good friends, Rodney Amieva and evan sula-goff band, #8Stops7 has a badass tune featured in it too!! Check it out yal'll! #Whitton #AmongFriends THANKS Alyssa Lobit

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


If you didn't get to watch my live performance (w/ band Ben Burget, Adam AlesiCooper Appelt and Matt Hornbeck) on #KUSI #GoodMorningSanDiego, here's your chance =) 

Tonight's show Santa Barbara CANCELED!

Hey everyone! This is such short notice! I’m so sorry to announce that my guest appearance in #AndreFeriante's show at #Soho in #SantaBarbara this evening is CANCELED!!! However, the new date is Oct. 20th. Stay tuned! #Whitton

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Diego Show Canceled!

Hey everyone! I hate to announce that my show at Frauds and Swindlers this Saturday evening is CANCELED unfortunately!!! Stay tuned for a future performance soon! #FraudsandSwindlers #Gaslamp #SanDiego #Whitton

Monday, August 19, 2013

KUSI and SDIF8 Photos!

Wow! What a fabulous weekend!! My band and I cruised around San Diego with big big smiles and live songs! Here's a few photos of all the fun!

Having band rehearsal for our #‎sandiegoindiefest appearance on the Craig's Yerkes Stage! #‎CooperAppelt on bass, #‎LauraMace on backup vocals, #‎MattHornbeck on mandolin/guitar, #‎BenBurget on Piano/trumpet and #‎AdamAlesi on drums! Can't wait #‎sandiego!!! #‎sdif, #‎sdif8

#‎KUSI, Thanks for having us play live on #‎GoodMorningSanDiego!! It was a blast!! Next stop, for a afternoon drink at my brother's new mixology bar, #‎FraudsandSwindlers on 5th Ave in the heart of Gaslamp!!! Then at 8:30pm we will be rocking the #‎SanDiegoIndieFest Craig's Yerkes stage!!! 

Thanks to #‎FrancescaValle for the sweet photo! And double thanks to my wonderful band & team: #‎BenBurget, #‎CooperAppelt, #‎LauraMace, #‎MattHornbeck, #‎AdamAlesi, #‎AlexandraUnderhill, #‎ReggieIge

Had a blast performing at the #‎SanDiegoIndieFest!!! Photo taken by #JohnHancock 

I LOVE SAN DIEGO! Thanks for having me =)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Artist Direct and Apple Tree!

ARTIST DIRECT announces Whitton's performance at the SAN DIEGO INDIEFEST on AUG 17th @ 8:30pm  on the Craigs Yerkes Stage! Headliners: CAKE, TALIB KWELI, BEST COAST, PHUTUREPRIMITIVE, STEVE GRAND, BITCH / BEACH 
@ARTISTdirect  @SDIndieFest @Whittonmusic

Oh and here's a morning present for you! One of my favorite songs, in one of my favorite movies, "The Fifth Quarter" (tear jerker, a must see)! I'll be performing "Apple Tree" at the San Diego IndieFest on Aug. 17th @ 8:30pm. Do you have your tickets? (‪#‎SDIF8‬,‪#‎SDIndieFest‬‪#‎SanDiegoIndieFest‬‪#‎Whitton‬‪#The‎FifthQuarter‬‪ #The‎FifthQuartermovie‬ @TheFifthQMovie

Monday, August 5, 2013

I'd LOVE to tour with Griffin House!

Saw one of my favorite singer songwriters, Griffin House at the Largo! Definitely someone I'd like to tour with! 

 If you haven't heard of him check him out:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Good Morning San Diego KUSI News

Hi everyone!
I'm going to be performing LIVE on Good Morning San Diego KUSI News on AUG 17th @ 9:30am to promote my appearance at the San Diego IndieFest (TICKETS) that evening at 8:30pm on the Craigs Yerkes Stage. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interview with Craig Boehman!

Interview with musical act Whitton SPECIAL

By Craig Boehman
Jul 16, 2013 in Arts
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Los Angeles - I had the chance to catch up with Whitton after more than two years. She's working on her next album, and you can see her live at this year's IndieFest 8 in San Diego.
Jaime Whitton hails from a musical family in Reno, Nevada, the youngest of of six siblings. She began singing and performing at the age of six. Under her musical sobriquet of Whitton, she has four full-length albums under her belt and has had several of her songs featured in movies like The 5th Quarterand She Wants Me.
Early in her musical career, Whitton acoustically paired her uniquely ethereal voice with songs I would describe as hauntingly melodic, in a folk landscape all their own. Her fan base grew with touring as did her many accolades, including recognition from the New York Music Festival, who voted her “Best Female Acoustic Rock Artist” in 2004.
Whitton released “Rare Bird” in September of 2011, a marked departure from her previous work. The 10 tracks on the album showcased a big band sound straight out of the 1940s, reminiscent of the likes of Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Very few artists are capable of making such a dramatic transition from the acoustic world to a big band setting — let alone coming back again full circle.
Craig Boehman: In our last interview, you were in the middle of production of “Rare Bird,” your last album. How has the release and subsequent touring changed your life?
Whitton: It changed my life by helping me grow. It feels like I'm ending a chapter and stepping into the beginning of the next chapter. "Rare Bird" was a collaboration album. I've learned so much about people and songwriting itself. It has also opened doors some movie placements, which I personally strive for, especially these days of independent music.
CB: Is there a new album in the works?
W: I am indeed working on a new album. This album is definitely more organic and raw then my last two albums. I have written 40 acoustic songs that I stuffed away in my back pocket for the last six years, so… I've decided it's time to dust them off and reveal them to the world. Well, at least ten of them for now. Haha. Ben Burget (multi-instrumentalist, engineer and co-producer) and I are working together to craft each track. I truly believe this will be one of my best albums released!
CB: When you aren't working with a partner, how does your songwriting process differ?
W: In collaboration settings, I have my book of thoughts/lyrics at hand. I seem to write with pianists more so than guitarists for some reason. But I don't think that's intentional. When I'm alone, it's just me, myself and my guitar. Usually, I just sing the words to whatever I start to play on guitar. I go with how the chords make me feel, and the lyrics just naturally form.
CB: How often do you write?
W: I go through stages. Dry spells come and go. When it's right, it pours out like rain.
CB: Do the protagonists in your songs typically reflect experiences of your personal life?
W: Most times. When I collaborate, sometimes we write about their personal life or we make up a touching story.
CB: During the past couple years, you have had your songs featured in several movies and ads. Can we look forward to hearing your music on the big screen again any time soon?
W: Of course! Especially with this new album coming out!
CB: Some of your gigs had taken you from your home turf in California up to venues in Portland and Seattle. Did you discover any favorite locales in those cities? And how did the audiences receive your music?
W: Oh, yes. The northwest is one of my favorite drives. You have the beautiful ocean to your left and miles of green on your right. I always plan to stop by the hot springs in Oregon and Lake Chelan in Washington while I'm touring.
CB: Are there any other projects you're pursuing this year?
W: Other than recording my new album, I'll be making music videos for a handful of these songs for YouTube.
Whitton will be playing at the San Diego IndieFest 8 this year with headliners, Cake, Talib Kweli, and Best Coast. Indiefest 8 celebrates three days (Aug 16-18) of music, films, and entertainment from a variety of independent artists. Whitton is scheduled for 8:45pm on August 17 on the Craig Yerkes stage.
Visit Whitton's official website.

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