Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Day Away with Mickey

Oh my gooooooodddness! Being as dedicated and focused on a music career as I am, I physically and mentally geared and prepared myself for the long day of a million foot steps around Mickey's home. It seems no matter where I am or what I'm doing, I'm constantly crafting and contemplating my next move with my music. It was my sister's, my nephew's and my niece's birthday bash, I had to let my daily thoughts fizzle out and join the fun for one day! I forgot what it was like to be a kid... A bliss of innocence. On a handful of different rides, I couldn't help but to laugh from the deepest part of my core and scream as LOUD as I could as my gut dropped to the floor. The speed of wind pulled my cheeks back to my ears permanently it felt like. Ha ha! It was so good... kinda therapeutic in a way. (Yes, that's me in the front row on the left with my nephew! I know it's not flattering, but hey, it's Disneyland man, Mickey doesn't care what you look like.)

Throughout the day, I observed all the amusingly funny children that run around with their cotton candied faces and their forgotten balloons trailing behind them, the unique couples holding hands, the fabulous parade of smiles and familiar cartoon celebrities. I found myself singing along in my head to the speakers that covered Disneyland. I have to say, by the end of the magically "It's a Small World" tour, there was a moment that I took a deep breath and realized, this is how it feels to take a REAL vacation. I let go of all my worries for 24 hours and just simply enjoyed the moment. And the most important joy of all was, how amazing my family is and how grateful I am.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Carvinal Del Corazon" Benefit for Haiti*

Hey Long Beach fans! I'll be performing 5-6 solo acoustic songs for the Haiti benefit "Carvinal Del Corazon", which will continue to support the people there. I've also donated one of my songs for the "Carvinal Del Corazon" compilation CD of all the Long Beach artists that they'll be selling throughout the day. 100% of the proceed will be given to ♥ .

I'll be serenading loud and proud by 6pm just me and myself and I. Silent Art Auction, Sirena Serpentina (tribal fire/belly-dancing), AXE L.A., ACRO YOGA LA & many others. All ages! On Sunday, February 28, 2010, 4-9pm at Hancock University and 8pm – 1am at
The Cellar - 21+.1638 Long Beach Blvd. LBC.

Together their creating an unforgettable day offering a silent art auction, five live music/performance stages, kids activity area, live painting, live screen printing, fashion show, culutral dance performances, haircuts for donations, food, fire dancing, CD Compilation, free bike valet and safety check. They're asking the community to donate a $5-20 entry fee (no one will be turned away).

Hope to see ya there!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"All I Want to Do" Video

Wow, what a fun experience I had while filming my first video last Monday. It was an awesome privilege to work with such a cool, sufficient crew. Ten hours would seem like a long day to just hang around waiting, keeping quiet, gettin' your hair and make up diiddddd and figuring out the right strategy on set, but it flew by! Between the yummy pizza and thai food, we had a pretty easy time planning and perfecting. Also, considering that I'm extremely animal deprived, it was a big plus that my brother brought his boxer puppy, Striker, to entertain us. He eat up all the attention too! Lucky dog!

When it was my turn to be filmed, the sun had gone to sleep and the frigid night was all that was left. BBbrrrrrrr... I mean double brrrrr! It was freakin' bone chilling. I wouldn't be surprise if you can see my goosebumps on my eye lids. Brrr! It took me a good hour to get the rose back in my cheeks.

I had quite the actors too! =) I couldn't have asked for a more perfect pair. They made my story come to life. I like this video thing... Can't wait until my next one! Stay tuned ya'll! I owe a BIG THANKS to everyone involved. They helped me with this video out of the goodness of their hearts and belief in my music. You guys rock!

Special thanks to: David and Jonathan Whitton, Johnnie Martinez, Rosana Perez, Mark Margossian, Chris Walters, Shelly Valdovinos, Ian Coyne, Kerstin Salinger and Stacey Whitton Summers for decorating my neck with her handmade "Whitton De Fleur" flower. =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Whitton's Hitchin' to SXSW!"

Through many amazing meetings with fans, they've asked, "How can I help?" And I never knew how they could, except for just, listening. Now, I've spiraled up reaching the zenith of opportunities and I can't let anymore pass me by... So, today I'm asking for your help. I know how financially fragile the economy is right now, but if for some reason, you have extra for the belief and support in my music, I'd forever be grateful. Here's my idea:

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences in Texas is coming in March and I need funds for the flight, access to the conference, and for my stay expenses. There, I'll dazzle all the industry reps with my mellifluous voice and bat my lashes ever so piiiittyy. Hoping to meet the right team of people to further (the almost impossible dream) of a music career. If you, ever so kindly, donated $1 or more towards my adventure to SXSW, it'd get my music closer to touching the hearts of the world. Every little bit helps. If you donate over $40, I'll personally mail you a handmade gift package full of goodies like, my new EP release, a signed poster, a signed matchbox magnet (w/ me smilin' back 'atcha) and one surprise handmade gift*.

Just click HERE and you'll go my WHITTON donation site where every penny will help me bring more music to you. And if you donate $1 or more and then email me at , I'll send you an MP3 download of an exclusive new track, too. Again, it'd mean more than the universe to me. I'll be thankful until the end of time. =)

~ Whitton

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"5 Friends for a Song"

Alright my fellow music lovers, I have a brilliantly delicious proposition for you. I ask for your open hand, so I can give you the Whitton musical seed to spread to all those lost discordant flowers out there. If you introduce my lovely tunes to 5 or more of your friends, I'll email you exclusively an unreleased song that no one else has. Each of your 5 friends have to post a comment on my Myspace, Facebook, or iLike pages with your name in their message to verify that you've spread such goodness in the world. Then, if you've met the 5 friend limit, please contact me with your email address and POOF! There will be a new secret song to entertain your deprived ears! Looking forward to sharing with you soon...

You my dear are a peach! =)

~ Whitton

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yummy CD Release time! YAYooooO!!

I hope you can make it to my CD Release parties! Theses two shows are going to be so fun! The Venice show, I'll be performing with my 10 piece band and you can be a part of my LIVE video taped audience! You're going to get a chance to tell the camera what songs you like, how cute I am =) , or anything you want really...

At the San Diego IndieFest, I'll have a 6 piece band, tons of merch available, one being my handmade matchboxes (w/my picture on it) for your fridge and be the first witness a couple new song surprises in my LIVE performance. Another cool thing is this show is all ages, plus 65 other acts to perform on 6 Stages! You get a full day of musical inspiration!

Also, if you're on Facebook or iLike, I'd love to be friends there too! Hope to see your sweet faces! * Kisses* ~Whitton

Stronghold @ 9pm - March 23rd
1625 Abbot Kinney, Venice, CA - Old speakeasy venue - 10 piece band
21+, $10, (*special guest opener*)
Come be a part of the LIVE audience - Filmed w/ HD cameras & LIVE interviews

San Diego IndieFest @ 5pm - March 27th
2906 University Ave., San Diego, CA
Whitton LIVE with 6 piece band - Women's History Month Stage -
Sponsored in part by teh Women's History Museum -
inside Claire de Lune Coffee House, on University and Kansas
(619) 688-9845. All ages, plus 65 other acts to perform on 6 Stages

If you have a facebook and/or an iLike, please join Whitton there!!
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Help me bring my music to you

Welcome everyone to my blogger page!

Here, you'll be able to keep up to date with my arduous climb of the music industry ladder. As 2010 grows deeper in, I'll post random pictures, all sort of fun news, lovely thoughts of the day, video of live performances and upcoming music video releases, CD releases and most of all... getting into your thoughts and ideas. =)

I'll do my best to blog as much as my little fingers can. Again, you mean the world to me. Thanks for your support!

~ W