Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Rare Bird" New Release - SNEAK PEEK!

Hey everyone, I'm so excited to announce the release of my new 10 song CD release, "Rare Bird"Have a SNEAK PEEK at:"Rare Bird" will be available for purchase SEPTEMBER 24th worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby! And stay tuned for my live performances soon after. Dates TBA.

In this day and age, times are tough. Music is struggling to survive... If you like to help spread the word about my music, you can help by:

Invite/share my music with your friends:
1. Go to: 
2. On the left hand side of the invite it says, "Select Guests to Invite". Click on it.
3. All your friends come up and you can check anyone's box you'd like to invite
4. You're welcome to add a personal message to them at the bottom.

Share/email my music video, "Turn Off The Light" with your friends. This song is first on "Rare Bird"!

~ Write-ups/reviews from Bloggers/Magazines ~
ONLINE or PAPER reviews, know anyone in this position, 
send them to: and/or 

You guys are AMAZING! Thank you for all the love and support!! See you from the stage sometime soon!

~ Whitton

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