Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Frauds and Swindlers" in San Diego!!!

My brother’s new 1890’s Mixology Bar, “Frauds and Swindlers" is off the hook!!! I love this place! If you live or are visiting #SanDiego this is a MUST go spot! All the cocktails are made from scratch with fresh fruits, veggies and herbs! I’ve been fortunate to get to hand make all the sun dried fruit leather garnishes! Yum sooo good. #FraudsandSwindlers , #Gaslamp 
Also we have the WHITTON LEATHER SHOTS @ “ Frauds and Swindlers ” I created these raw fruit leather (roll ups) for all the cocktails and my brother Jonny and I came up with this fun combo. You take the shot, then eat the raw fruit leather, which is used as a chaser! The taste is so bold and fruity (or veggie, depending on the combo choice). You’d be surprised how good it is! You have to come down and try them!!
820 5th Ave
(between E St & F St) 
San Diego, CA 92101

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