Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Bag Full of Goodies

Wow, I've got a lot of fun things happening, but I can't tell you everything just yet!! But what I can tell you is...

"Dirty Up" is currently ranking in the top 100 of the Female Singer-Songwriter Onstage channel! There's still plenty of time for "Dirty Up" to move around the charts, so to my lovely army of loyal fans, please help judge and vote for my music to rise to the top. Onstage's Female Singer-Songwriter competition isn't even half way through the month so a lot can change.... Thanks everyone, you rock my world.

It seems "Dirty Up" is getting a lot of attention lately! “Dirty Up” is also currently on rotation until May 1st on WomensRadio Independent Channel on Live365. Tune in anytime and you'll also get a chance to discover a bunch of new female artists as well!

Also, tomorrow (March 11th) at 2pm, I have a LIVE online radio appearance with Is Good Radio. There, Jon Hershfield will interview me on my new EP release and I'll perform 3 acoustic songs. Everyone can tune in online at: Is Good Radio

To be a part of these events, please click on the links above. Lots more to come!! I'm getting excited about my show on the 23rd in Venice. Hope to see you all! Cheers!

~ W

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