Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reconnecting for Haiti

Last Sunday at the Haiti benefit festival, it was fantastic to see so many different types of people and local art come together to support such a tragic event. I enjoyed all the unique original talent from poetry readings, different styles of live music, little kiddies chasing each other with glittered flowers and butterflies painted on their cheeks and local artist's colorful art pieces hanging in the gallery. There was a canvas that took up an entire wall for anyone to freely paint their vision for the collage.

Outside, the bands played and the smell of yummy bbq lingered with a horrifying stench of burning sage, which I'm extremely allergic too. Unfortunately, I was also suffering from a tiny fever and the chilly night didn't help. As you can see, I was heavily bundled up in my performance. Ha ha. I looked like a version of a golden Rapunzel Phantom. I did revel in revisiting my acoustic songs that I hadn't played live for quite sometime. I love that feeling... that feeling of truth and nakedness. I'm so glad that I got to be part of something good, hopefully, we all made a dent in helping the people of Haiti.

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