Friday, April 9, 2010

iTunes ~ CDBaby ~ FREE MP3 ~ WATCH OUT!

Hey ya'll! The time is finally here... My new EP release is now available for purchase on CDBaby and iTunes! Just click on the link! If you're feeling brave and inspired, I highly encourage you to review my tunes and leave any comments on CDBaby and iTunes. It'd be much appreciated.

If your keeping up with my sporadic blogging, I'd like to offer you a gift! I
f you sign up by clicking on the box marked FOLLOW, I'll personally email you an exclusively, unreleased FREE MP3! You may then email me at: WHITTONFANS@GMAIL.COM and write "FREE MP3" in the subject box. Thanks for the wonderful support. I'm sooooo looking forward to sharing my music with you! Stay tuned, my producer, Ian Coyne and I have been working nonstop on the full album that will be released sometime this fall.

Swirls and twirls,

~ W

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