Monday, April 26, 2010

"HOT HOT" EP Party!

Ook... I've been totally sucking at blogging lately... I thought I should share some photos taken by photographer, Natalie Gamble, of my EP release party at a quaint little hip "speakeasy" called Stronghold in Venice, CA. I performed with a full 13 piece band! It was wild! And it went perfectly... except for my hair! Ha ha! I also videotaped that evening... so... those of you that couldn't attend, you'll have a second chance to witness the magic of March 21st! It was fun to have my sweet brother, David sing back up vocals and have my Papa sell my CDs, which he had a kick doing...

Before the show, as I was powdering up for the cameras, I had the pleasure of one of the club owners helping me pick out just the right pair of heels to perform in. Then, I was interviewed with honest questions about my musical direction for the future.

Look at how cute my band is!

I serenaded 2-3 songs from my new Ep, plus a few new beees that I'm sooo in LOVE with.. In the moment with closed eyes while wholeheartedly engaged, I made myself so at home, I kept hitting the microphone with my teeth and forehead. Ha ha! It was a special show for me... It just reassured me this is what I'm born to do...

To view more photos from this performance please go to:

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Kellie Maltagliati, Michael Whitton (video crew), my BIG beautiful band, all my fans that gave donations, Ian Coyne, Natalie Gamble and last, but not least, Stronghold.

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