Thursday, February 11, 2010

"All I Want to Do" Video

Wow, what a fun experience I had while filming my first video last Monday. It was an awesome privilege to work with such a cool, sufficient crew. Ten hours would seem like a long day to just hang around waiting, keeping quiet, gettin' your hair and make up diiddddd and figuring out the right strategy on set, but it flew by! Between the yummy pizza and thai food, we had a pretty easy time planning and perfecting. Also, considering that I'm extremely animal deprived, it was a big plus that my brother brought his boxer puppy, Striker, to entertain us. He eat up all the attention too! Lucky dog!

When it was my turn to be filmed, the sun had gone to sleep and the frigid night was all that was left. BBbrrrrrrr... I mean double brrrrr! It was freakin' bone chilling. I wouldn't be surprise if you can see my goosebumps on my eye lids. Brrr! It took me a good hour to get the rose back in my cheeks.

I had quite the actors too! =) I couldn't have asked for a more perfect pair. They made my story come to life. I like this video thing... Can't wait until my next one! Stay tuned ya'll! I owe a BIG THANKS to everyone involved. They helped me with this video out of the goodness of their hearts and belief in my music. You guys rock!

Special thanks to: David and Jonathan Whitton, Johnnie Martinez, Rosana Perez, Mark Margossian, Chris Walters, Shelly Valdovinos, Ian Coyne, Kerstin Salinger and Stacey Whitton Summers for decorating my neck with her handmade "Whitton De Fleur" flower. =)

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