Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Whitton's Hitchin' to SXSW!"

Through many amazing meetings with fans, they've asked, "How can I help?" And I never knew how they could, except for just, listening. Now, I've spiraled up reaching the zenith of opportunities and I can't let anymore pass me by... So, today I'm asking for your help. I know how financially fragile the economy is right now, but if for some reason, you have extra for the belief and support in my music, I'd forever be grateful. Here's my idea:

The South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences in Texas is coming in March and I need funds for the flight, access to the conference, and for my stay expenses. There, I'll dazzle all the industry reps with my mellifluous voice and bat my lashes ever so piiiittyy. Hoping to meet the right team of people to further (the almost impossible dream) of a music career. If you, ever so kindly, donated $1 or more towards my adventure to SXSW, it'd get my music closer to touching the hearts of the world. Every little bit helps. If you donate over $40, I'll personally mail you a handmade gift package full of goodies like, my new EP release, a signed poster, a signed matchbox magnet (w/ me smilin' back 'atcha) and one surprise handmade gift*.

Just click HERE and you'll go my WHITTON donation site where every penny will help me bring more music to you. And if you donate $1 or more and then email me at , I'll send you an MP3 download of an exclusive new track, too. Again, it'd mean more than the universe to me. I'll be thankful until the end of time. =)

~ Whitton

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