Saturday, February 6, 2010

"5 Friends for a Song"

Alright my fellow music lovers, I have a brilliantly delicious proposition for you. I ask for your open hand, so I can give you the Whitton musical seed to spread to all those lost discordant flowers out there. If you introduce my lovely tunes to 5 or more of your friends, I'll email you exclusively an unreleased song that no one else has. Each of your 5 friends have to post a comment on my Myspace, Facebook, or iLike pages with your name in their message to verify that you've spread such goodness in the world. Then, if you've met the 5 friend limit, please contact me with your email address and POOF! There will be a new secret song to entertain your deprived ears! Looking forward to sharing with you soon...

You my dear are a peach! =)

~ Whitton

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